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The Underground 
In-person program

Virtual Vibe
Online interactive sessions via Discord

All youth are eligible to participate in one or both programs


We believe in the power of youth and their right to have equal access and opportunities to reach their full potential.


V2 is a fun, exciting, supportive approach to youth development.

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V2 is a creative and innovative after school program designed for teens in Middle & Junior High (6th – 9th grade). We provide a safe space for teens that integrates an established prevention curriculum with hands-on learning geared towards self-empowerment & building resilience. An environment designed to provide teenagers with a supportive, secure, and inclusive setting where they can express themselves, seek guidance, build connections, and engage in recreational and creative activities that promote their well-being.


At V2 we play a vital role in promoting the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of adolescents, helping them navigate the challenges of adolescence, develop essential life skills, and build a foundation for a healthy and successful future. V2 contributes to the growth and resilience of the next generation, fostering positive outcomes for both individuals and our community.

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